Making wine glass inverted rack

This is a rack specially designed for placing red wine glasses. It is installed on the wall by a long wooden board and inserts the round wooden stick of the cup holder into the wooden stick. When you use it, you only need to buckle the cup upside down into the support rod. The whole design is like a hanger. In addition to considering its practicality when designing, it also integrates its aesthetics into the design, so that it can be both practical and beautiful.

Mahogany block, round stick, hand saw, wood planer, caliper, tootock measuring ruler, bench drill, sander.

With the refurbishment of the design, the wine glass holder has gradually become a taste, and can even demonstrate the personal quality of life. Today I shared the production method of this wine glass holder is relatively simple, as long as you have a certain carpentry foundation can do it. Since the cup holder is made of logs and not prepared to be painted, it must be polished finely.

Step 1: Tailor-made design
First, use a caliper to measure the size of the column and body of the wine glass. According to the measurement, the distance between the two wooden sticks used to hang the wine glass and the distance between the wine glass and the glass are obtained. Then calculated that the design size of the wine glass holder is 5.1*45cm, the distance between two adjacent wooden rods is 2.5cm, and the distance between the glasses is 6.4cm, which happens to be the shelf for 5 red wine glasses.

Step 2: Make the hanging board
The wood for hanging boards is best to choose wood with higher hardness and density, such as general mahogany. Made with this kind of wood is not only beautiful, but also very stable. When making, first cut the plank into 5.1*45cm with a hand saw (as shown in the picture), then place the cut plank on the woodworking table, and use a bench drill to drill the round hole for fixing the round stick according to the design.

Step 3: Clean and polish
Before polishing, use a small drill to drill the mounting holes for the two wood screws to facilitate the installation of the wine glass holder on the wall. After drilling, start to sand. You can use a sander to sand, or if you don't have it, you can sand it with sandpaper. The sandpaper should be polished from coarse to fine, and the hanging boards and round sticks should be polished finely and smoothly (as shown in the figure).

Step 4: Make the cup hook
First, cut the made round sticks with a hand saw, and 10 round sticks with a length of 15cm are required. First, sand the chamfers at both ends of the stick with coarse sandpaper, and then sand the surface of the stick. After the wooden rods are processed, use a rubber hammer to insert the round wooden rods into the hanging plate where the round holes have been drilled just now, and finally the entire frame can be trimmed for the lower details.

Step 5: Complete!
First use a tape measure to measure the height of the location where the wine holder needs to be installed, then place the holder on the wall first, and mark the installation location with a pencil. Then use a percussion drill to make two mounting holes on the marked position, then cut two wooden rods into the round holes on the wall, and finally use a carpenter's chisel to cut off the excess part (for fixing the screws of the mounting bracket). Then install the red wine glass holder, so that the holder is not only stable, but also beautiful.

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