Step by step to make vintage bedside table

Old furniture has a more vicissitudes of life, which is in line with the trend and is more sought after by white-collar and middle-class consumers. Although the surface is old, it is expensive because each process is completed by hand. Today, I will show you the tutorial of diy bedroom bedside table. If you want to have a personalized bedside table, let's go and learn the DIY method of bedside table together.


Tools you need:

Used wooden boards, tootock hand plane, wire saws, air guns, woodworking chisels, hammers, F clips, tootock squares, tootock tape measures, pencils, woodworking glue, sandpaper, wood wax oil, etc.


Making steps:

The bedside table is a small role in bedroom furniture, and even its name is derived from the function of the supplementary bed. The bedside table has always existed because of its function, storing some daily necessities, placing bedside lamps and so on. Nowadays, the home improvement industry has always been a nostalgic "doing old" element, if you like it, you can bring a good mood to everyone.


Step 1: Design first

The height of this bedside table is basically the same as that of the bed, the design size is 52*40*42cm, and the style is very coordinated. Old bedside tables generally tend to have a simple, fresh feel. Especially the handle of the drawer is designed as a small hole of love, like an angel guarding Sweetheart's love, very loving.


Step 2: Make the frames

First arrange the wooden boards and wooden strips on the old wooden shelves, and make two 42*40cm wooden frames, and then nail the arranged wooden boards to the wooden frame with an air gun. It is worth noting that when using waste wood to make furniture, do not use wood that is mildewed or damaged. It is best to use 70% new wood. Guarantee qualitative safety.


Step 3: Make the drawer

I made a love design on the drawer of the bedside table, which is not only the handle of the drawer, but also an embellishment. What can move us more than an emotional design. Put such a cute bedside table next to the bed, and see if it can sleep even more sweetly every day.


Step 4: Fine sanding

Use coarse sandpaper first, and then use fine sandpaper to fully sand. Old wood, sometimes there will be cement paste, asphalt, chemical paint and other adhesives on the parts. For this, try not to use chemical agents to remove it. Physical means should be used, such as fine knife scraping and sanding. Then polish the surface with water sandpaper, and if possible, you can do some wood wax oil.


Step 5: Reveal the tonality

Today's bedside table will not lack creativity, but it is a very happy process to be good at making it yourself. Non-creative, non-life, every craftsman can use your imagination to create the little things in your life. Don't hesitate, if you like, hurry up and share today's diy tutorial to bring everyone around you a good mood.

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