What kind of equipment should we have as woodworking beginner?

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools.


1. Protective tools.

a Protective goggles: to prevent dust from entering the eyes and maintain a good line of sight during work.

b Mask: Avoid inhaling too much dust floating in the air, which may harm the respiratory tract.

c Apron: There are often steps such as painting, the apron can prevent clothing contamination.


2. Hand tools

Tootock Planerfine-tuning of the woodwork details.

b Hammer: Common term wood assembling, disassembling, and fine-tuning.

Tootock fixed clipThere are many types of fixed clip, right-angle clip, C-shaped clip, etc. Choose the appropriate one according to the fixed position.

d Saw: Cut large-faced plates into small sizes. When cutting, the eyes and the saw blade are in the same straight line to keep the saw stable.

e One (ten) word screwdriver: remove and lock the screw.

f Chisel: gouge holes and trim holes in detail.

g Pencil Eraser: Use as a mark, especially to clearly mark the assembly surface, cutting area, etc.

Tootock rulerconfirm the size, tootock angle right ruler, drawing and other functions


3. Power tools

a Trimming machine: With different cutter heads, it can achieve ditching, trimming and various engraving operations.

b Wire saw machine: used for cutting wood, it can be operated whether it is a curve or a straight line.

Electric drillIt can be drilled by changing the drill bit and used when assembling.

d Sander: Sand the rough and uneven surface of the wood to make the surface more detailed.


4. Hardware parts

For DIy furniture that is unique and full of personal taste, hardware parts are of course essential, especially handles and hinges, so that every piece of furniture has its own characteristics.


5. Finishing tools for painting

The last part of course is the finishing tool for painting. The painted wood can not only be protected and prolong its service life, but it can also change different colors and make the wood texture more shiny. It is recommended to use natural paint. Although it takes longer to dry, the safe and non-toxic material can make people feel at ease. When painting, remember to paint along the wood grain to allow the paint to eat into the pores, and then use waste fabric to follow the paint The wood grain promotes the original wood texture.

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